A critical event happened in the Garden of Eden; it started the struggle for the human soul. God chose Lilith as the perfect mate for his new creation, man. The perfect bride had one flaw; she had no soul and, therefore, no chemistry with Adam. This lead God to create Eve. This was recorded in the old Jewish text, until scholars could not explain the dilemma.

The Quadrants Coming Full Circle details the major developments in a constant battle for the human soul. Not only does the Devil want the human soul, so do fair folk, fairies as we now call them. When God created Eve, jealousy consumed the fairies. As time went on, this advanced species, created long before humans, tried new ways to steal the soul. The fairies believed God would forgive them when he looked at the theft from a survival of the fittest perspective.


This is a four-part series about the historical relationship between human folk and fair folk and the parallel dimensional worlds recently discovered by science. These worlds have long been known in religion and mythology. Scientific theories now identify most likely eleven different dimensions. Our world, a fairy world, and nine dimensions of Hell, make the sum total of eleven.


Major developments have occurred over the centuries. In Parallel Worlds, the first quadrant, humans discover the eleven dimensions. The second development, in Connected Worlds, depicts, for the first time, two humans travelling through a portal (on their own) to the fairy world. This is a major threat, for the fairies’ worst fear is a human invasion with iron weapons. In the third quadrant, Worlds Reconnected, desperation overcomes King Khalen. The struggle escalates until there is another first; the battle goes back and forth between our world and the fairy world to include demonic forces. The fourth quadrant, The Final Connection, brings an end to the struggle. Who will win the prize of eternal life?

The Quadrants Coming Full Circle

Capivating fantasy by new author

The existence of a parallel world or worlds has been a subject of discussion for numerous years and most of the conjecture has been with respect to its existence. Only occasional thought has been applied to its contents and inhabitants. One of the few who have ventured to go beyond and take a look at what might occur within such a world, amusingly perhaps, was Louis L’Amour. The present author, however, has reached far beyond what previously has been given readers.”

John H. Manhold

Very beautiful art work, looking forward to the other books
Kindle customer


Such a cool book. Beautiful artwork!! 

Terri Nichols

I'm loving the world of the fairies! This book is so fun, easy to read and jam packed with imagination. I especially love how it's up to the reader whose side you fall on, both sides are explored. I'm half way through and I can totally recommend this for a vacation read - relaxing, imaginative, fun and good humoured. And fantastic vibrant artwork!

Kindle customer

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